Suzanna J. Linton

Today’s indie author is Suzanna J. Linton.  A self confessed geek and menagerie owner, Suzanna is definitely my kind of people.  Lacking confidence in the traditional publishing route, Suzanna decided to take the plunge and publish herself which she considers the best decision she ever made.  Her latest book, Clara’s Return, sees the return of her hero Clara, a mute castle servant with extraordinary precognitive abilities.  A five star rating on Amazon describes Suzanna’s work as richly descriptive and completely immersive.  If you love a good medieval fantasy with a strong female protagonist then these books are for you.
Let’s hear from Suzanna in her own words.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I live in South Carolina with my husband and our small herd of pets. Both of us are geeks, which means many of our conversations are us quoting our favorite movies to each other. I started writing full-time in 2014 and haven’t regretted that decision.

Who are the literary heroes that inspire your writing?

My heroes are Charles de Lint, Dean Koontz, Robin McKinley, and Anne McCaffrey.

Why did you decide to become an indie author?

I was repeatedly rejected with form letters telling me either it
wasn’t what they were looking for or the agent wasn’t “excited” about
the project. In the end, I decided telling my story was more important
than getting in with a big publisher.

What were you before you were a writer?

I’ve always been a writer but before I began to do that full-time, I worked in a library’s reference department as a library assistant. Mostly, I helped patrons with the public computers and contemplated how much I hated customer service-oriented jobs.

If you could give one piece of advice to new indie authors what would it be?

Don’t give up. It’s easy to give up when you feel as if no one is paying attention or that you’re not an overnight success. It takes a lot of work to be an indie author and it requires a lot of patience. Whenever you feel as if you’re going to give up, remember why you write and then carry on.

What’s your number one cure for writer’s block?

I try to see if the problem is in the manuscript or in me.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Right now, it’s the fact that I’m getting ready to publish a third book, Clara’s Return.

Look out the closest window.  What’s the first thing you see?

A leafless tree on the edge of our property, set against a pale blue sky.

Name one thing in your refrigerator that probably shouldn’t be there.

An empty pickle jar.

What do you least like about writing?

Endings. I really hate endings. Why does anything have to end?

Finish this paragraph: “Helena shook the flashlight, hard.  She …”

…heard the batteries within it rattle. The beam of light flickered back on, revealing a mildew-stained wall. Something skittered behind her, rustling papers. Helena wiped around. Her breath bloomed white on the air. From the hall came the unmistakable scuff of a shoe heel on concrete.

ClarasReturn2_Final-FJM_ARE_200x300Latest Novel: Clara’s Return

After the civil war, Clara does not know who or what she is. Answers may lie in her home village of Bluebell. As she and the Captain of the Royal Guard make their journey, a new threat to the kingdom arises in the form of a traitor.

Emmerich’s struggles with his new role as king and his ever-present nightmares leave him feeling inadequate to the task of finding the traitor and keeping his kingdom from plunging into chaos. What he needs most is Clara.

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