Laney Smith


Today I’d like to introduce you to indie author Laney Smith.  Before she took up writing, Laney was a medical equipment auditor in abandoned hospitals!  I don’t know about you but this immediately conjures up a creepy, suspenseful narrative worthy of one of Laney’s literary heroes – Stephen King.  However Laney’s latest release Lock Creek couldn’t be further from the blood soaked gore of King.  Its a romance but not as you know it.  Its a clear winner with Amazon reviewers – even turning those who didn’t consider themselves romanticists around.  Lock Creek is not one but the first volume in three thus far.  If you are looking with mystery and a little romance Laney’s series is for you.

Before I let Laney tell you all about herself I just had to ask… does putting an ‘s’ on the end really help?

Tell us a little about yourself

I live in Southern California. I was the only girl out of three kids, and the oldest child. I am the mother of two boys of my own.  As far as writing, it is beautiful – taking a blank page and turning it into a world that people can visualize, filled with characters readers care about.

Who are the literary heroes that inspire your writing?

I look up to Stephen King. I enjoy his stories, of course. He writes one best seller after another and he does it breaking all the “rules” that come out in those flash articles. He’s a genius. I hang on his every word.

Why did you decide to become an indie author?

I put a lot of research into this idea. I talked to authors from both realms. All things considered, it was just a better fit for me, personally.

What were you before you were a writer?

I was a medical equipment specialist, my primary focus was on placement and auditing. I loved doing that. I audited equipment in abandoned hospitals, new hospitals, functioning hospitals. It was fun!

If you could give one piece of advice to new indie authors what would it be?

Do your thing. Don’t try to be anyone else. Personally, if it’s going to happen, I would rather crash and burn for being myself than to crash and burn because I was trying to be someone else. If you fail at being yourself, then go be someone else. I’m kidding!

What’s your number one cure for writer’s block?

I say this all the time. Add an “s.” When I’m stuck, it’s usually an easy fix.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date ?

My boys are my greatest accomplishment. I’m very proud of them.

Look out the closest window. What’s the first thing you see ?

A beautiful live oak tree, complete with a dove that throws acorns as you walk by. He’s hostile.

Name one thing in your refrigerator that probably shouldn’t be there.

The light bulb. If we take that out, then no one can see the things that shouldn’t be there.

What do you least like about writing?

Editing. I like enhancing the story. However, it gets difficult to catch your own mistakes.

Finish this paragraph: “Helena shook the flashlight, hard. She …”

listened to the driving rain, pounding against the roof. She hated the darkness. As though her silent prayers had been heard, lightening flashed through the cellar window, briefly lighting the room before
fading to blackness once again. She could feel it, the worst was yet to come.

Unknown-2Latest Book:

Lock Creek is an addictive series where the reader is invited into a second home. The setting is vividly displayed in the mind’s eye, the characters are your best friends and the story is page-turning excitement. Reading should be fun. Lock Creek is everything you’ve been looking for.

Find it here.

5 STARS Amazon Reviews

I downloaded this book last night before bed and ended up reading the entire book!

Love, Love, Love this book. Very easy to become emotionally involved with the characters and visualize the story line. This book is very engaging, so don’t start it unless you have several hours of free time.