Yassy F

2015-bronzeMeet Yassy F.  A young Australian self-published author whose already on her third book.  She has a Reader’s Favourite Award with 3rd place for her book “The Twin’s Redemption.”  One reviewer commented “I was immediately caught up in the plot from the very first chapter. I actually read the book in one sitting!”  Well done Yassy!  What great start to your writing career.
Before I let you read all about Yassy in this interview I just want to point out that chocolate is indeed something that should be in the fridge.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a young self-published Australian author of 2 ebooks. I am studying to be a primary teacher.

Who are the literary heroes that inspire your writing?

Any author that can write a good romance, children, fantasy or adventure book inspires me. But I do love Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings and Emily Rodda.

Why did you decide to become an indie author?

It is cheaper than traditional publishing and I can have my book ready to be sold within 10 days.

What were you before you were a writer?

I was a high school student and a university student before I published.

If you could give one piece of advice to new indie authors what would it be?

Research before you consider self- publishing.

What’s your number one cure for writer’s block?

Take a break

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

I came 3rd in the Reader’s Favorite Annual Book Award contest!

Look out the closest window.  What’s the first thing you see?

The bush

Name one thing in your refrigerator that probably shouldn’t be there.


What do you least like about writing?

The editing process

Finish this paragraph: “Helena shook the flashlight, hard.  She …”

stood back quietly and stepped in something cold and squishy.

2015-10-04_13-13-04Latest Book: The Girl with the Lips

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