The Emoticon Guide to over 350 “said” Words

emoticonsWhen my ten year old daughter has homework for creative writing she always uses colourful words in place of “said”.  I tell her there is nothing wrong with using said and quickly whip out a J.K. Rowling and show her how it is quite acceptable.  Still it can be overused and doesn’t provide much an an emotional cue as to how words are being spoken.  As you often want to use a “said” substitute in an emotional context I’ve put together a table here that lists over 350 alternatives and classified them according to emoticons.  Of course there are many more I’m sure I have missed, and you might even disagree on my classification, but that’s fine.  I present them here to help expand your thinking of the use of said, and if you have any more I can add to some of the empty spaces please feel free to offer them up.

2014-08-29_16-40-31 2014-08-29_16-23-27 2014-08-29_16-24-05 2014-08-29_16-24-26 2014-08-30_15-31-51 2014-08-29_16-24-53 2014-08-29_16-41-16 puzzled
 asked laughed barked sobbed screamed smirked gasped  puzzled
 stated giggled snarled cried shouted hypothesised shrieked  pondered
 remarked smiled snorted protested shrieked gibed guessed  considered
 repeated chortled spat wailed yawned jeered gulped  speculated
 replied chuckled insisted croaked burst out sneered stammered  questioned
 told boasted stormed hollered called jested stuttered  mused
 uttered clucked ranted moaned cautioned scoffed recalled  theorised
 admitted congratulated grumbled bawled commanded sassed marvelled  doubted
 acknowledged cooed grunted objected chorussed quipped pleaded  queried
 advised joked sneered whined sang teased pled  inquired
 agreed bubbled protested complained mimicked snickered marvelled  wondered
 addressed cheered retorted groaned imitated sniggered exclaimed  eluded
 spoke  jested  boomed  sputtered repeated scoffed whistled  excogitated
 added  beamed  scolded  bellowed replied revealed heaved  dwelled
 started  shrieked  whimpered  yowled responded reminded inhaled  appraised
 finished  guffawed  scoffed  howled professed remembered boggled  ruminated
 ended  grinned  roared  bawled prattled jived staggered  wondered
 told  simpered  insisted  blubbered  yammered kidded
 reported  joshed  interjected ribbed
 described  chaffed mocked
 began  cavorted  tricked
 continued  heckled  ragged
 acknowledged  razzed
2014-08-29_17-41-33 2014-08-29_17-47-52 2014-08-30_14-53-23 2014-08-30_14-53-49 2014-08-30_15-04-01 2014-08-30_15-07-25 2014-08-30_15-20-42 2014-08-30_15-28-35 2014-08-30_16-08-27
 told  moaned threatened  fretted  crowed  avowed  sniffed  objected  coughed
 divulged  groaned  lied  worried  ranted  assured  wept  shot  sneezed
 bragged  disapproved  argued  quavered  babbled  reassured  whimpered  retorted  gurgled
 denied  disagree  hissed  croaked  quoted  purred  sniffled  growled  yakked
 disclosed  conceded  accused  apologised  clucked  cooed  croaked  warned  choked
 boasted  sighed  coaxed  begged  announced  confessed  grieved  demanded  mumbled
 dared  complained  dared  hesitated  answered  promised  moaned  maintained  murmured
 bet  disputed  denied  acerbated  proclaimed  affirmed  lamented  forbid  muttered
 observed  pussyfooted  tempted  pointed out  approved  snivelled  deplored  drawled
 disclosed  criticised  taunted  proposed  prayed  commiserated  shot back  drooled
 divulged  sulked  countered  advised  praised  wrenched  contested  gasped
 confided  brooded  tested  concluded  admitted  pined  stressed  babbled
 hinted  glowered  harassed  reckoned  sang  moped  rebutted  jabbered
 implied  ruminated  egged on  remarked  vowed  mourned  retaliated  retched
 informed  frowned  deceived  bleated  offered  scorned  sibilated
 corrected  moped  humiliated  blurted  volunteered  retorted
 decided  pouted  lampooned  boasted  reasoned
 theorised  gossiped  bragged  gently
 noted  alleged  chatted  related
 nodded  retaliated  chattered  repented
 urged  swindled  chided
 exposed  ensnared  interrupted
 rebutted  assaulted  convinced
 testified  asserted
 skulked  declared
 went on
 chimed in