Novel Notes

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Novel Notes is available as a Google Docs Add-On.  To use it with your manuscript get it from the list available via the Add-ons > Get add-ons… menu item.

Once it is installed it will appear under the Add-ons item in the main menu.

Novel Notes is free to install and use.

You’ll find it under the Utilities tab in the search.





Directions for Use

2015-05-08_13-21-17 Novel Notes is divided into three sections.  Each section can be collapsed or expanded by using the arrow button. The first part of Novel Notes is a large text area where you can type up free format notes about your document.  This area is handy for keeping track of the storyline, key events, times and dates and other things you need to remember when writing. It saves you trawling back through the document when trying to remember what colour you made something or what year you said it was.
2015-05-08_13-21-17 2 The Character section is a place where you can store an image and biographical information about a character.  Its a great place to put ages, hair colour, eye colour and other information such as psychological profiles. The image is stored using a URL. A character can be deleted using the trashcan button or the image edited using the gear button. A character’s image can be dragged around in the window and resized as you like.
2015-05-08_13-21-17 3 When the gear icon next to a character is selected, the character goes into edit mode.  Here you can change the name and URL that links to the characters picture.
2015-05-08_13-44-20 To add a character to the list, enter a name and a URL to the image you want to use. If you need name ideas, click on the Generate Name button.  It can give you over 50,000 options. To add an image, locate a picture using Google and get the URL to that image.  Paste the URL into the appropriate textbook. When you are ready to add the character, click on the Add button. Although Novel Notes automatically saves when you make changes, a Save button is provided for your peace of mind.